Avery Leggings in a garden setting


Even though I already had a TNT leggings pattern (sewn here and here), I was very curious about Helen’s Closet’s Avery Leggings.  It was the advertised crotch gusset and those words… ‘ensuring your leggings won’t fall down’ that made me hit the ‘buy’ button.   Spoiler alert… I now have two TNT leggings patterns!


I will confess to having some sizing and construction issues, but they were ALL my own fault.


I thought this project (dam you assumptions) would be a quick sew.  The sewing isn’t hard, it’s just a little more involved than the leggings patterns I’ve sewn in the past.  You know those things I was curious about above… well they are the things that create some extra steps but give you a great finish and leggings that won’t fall down.  So my advice, don’t rush, pay attention to the instructions and don’t sew your waistband on back-to-front!


The sizing of this pattern is accurate.  My waist is a size larger than my hips, but I traced the straight medium according to my hip measurement as I thought the stretch in the fabric would accommodate my thicker waist.  Another wrong assumption…. the medium waistband was uncomfortably snug.  I re-traced the waistband in the larger size, and thanks to the nature of stretch fabric, I successfully added a large waistband onto the medium leggings.  I’ll grade between the sizes before making another pair.  Oh yes, I will be making another pair as these leggings DO NOT FALL DOWN which makes them perfect for yoga.


How fabulous is this fabric?  With great recovery, wicking, anti-bacterial and odur-free properties, it’s not surprising it’s commonly used for activewear, dancewear and sports bras.  I purchased this fabric from Sew Squirrel about twelve months ago and they still have one colourway left.


I nearly forgot to mention that these leggings are View B with an ultra-high waist and extra-long legs… just the way I like my leggings!


Pattern:  Helen’s Closet’s Avery Leggings
Size:  Medium with a large waistband
Fabric:  Performance fabric from Sew Squirrel
Alterations:  I added the large waistband to the medium leggings
Outfit:  Linden Sweatshirt & machine knitted (by me) cowl
Photo Location:  My garden


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