Funny faces dress

Funny faces dress

We’re just home from a little family holiday and while packing to go away, the girls and I identified some gaps in their wardrobes.  At the top of the list for both Miss A and Miss B were long sleeve dresses.  With this in mind, Miss B selected some fabric and I traced out View B of the Funny Faces Dress (pictured below in the middle) from Ottobre 1/2014.

Unfortunately, the dress was too big for Miss B.  The good news, well good for her big sister, is that the dress fits Miss A!


The style has a relaxed fit, with a slight drop shoulder…


but I think it’s fair to say there is still some growing room even for Miss A.


I used the main fabric, a red double knit from The Fabric Store, to bind the neckline.  I deviated from the pattern and bound the gathered sleeves in the skirt fabric, a stretch cotton remnant from Tessuti.


Not surprisingly, Miss B has put in an order for exactly the same dress!

Pattern:  Funny Faces Dress (View B) from Ottobre 1/2014
Double knit jersey from The Fabric Store & hearts fabric from Tessuti
I eliminated the skirt binding, added a little extra length to the skirt piece and sewed a double fold hem.  The sleeves were bound with the skirt fabric and I left off the bows.

I would have liked to have concluded this post with a photo of Miss A pulling a funny face… but she preferred to run away!


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