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I used to be firmly on team ‘no shoulder pads’… but after sewing the Claudia Tank by Just Patterns, as part of the testing process, I have changed my mind!


As a tester I was remunerated for printing and given a fabric allowance, and there was no obligation to post my finished garment on socials.  I’m posting to share because I love this tank, and it’s shown me that sometimes you really do just have to try something to see if it works on you.


With regards to styling, I think Claudia (we are now on a first name basis) lends itself to be tucked into high waisted pants or jeans.  Clever Claudia is giving me the illusion of a waist… and that’s no mean feat!


This was my first time sewing a Just Patterns garment and I found it to be a well drafted pattern with clear instructions.  I won’t hesitate to sew their patterns in the future.



It was actually a really quick sew with only five pattern pieces – front, back, neckband and armhole (front & back) facings.


You can see from the photo above that the armholes have been drafted with excellent bra coverage.


My only change to the pattern was to perform my usual 3/8″ (1cm) forward shoulder adjustment.


I used scraps for this project which is always very satisfying.  The 100% cotton knit was leftover from making my youngest daughter a twirly dress a few years ago, and I think this is the third time I’ve used this colour ribbing (from Wattlehill Fabrics) this summer!  The shoulder pads were purchased from work… if you need a pair they can be found here.


I wore shoulder pads in my teens in the 80s and I’ve embraced them a second time around in my mid 40s.  Have you changed your mind recently about anything sewing or no sewing related?  Do tell….


Pattern:  Just Patterns’ Claudia Tank
Size:  40
Fabric:  100% cotton knit scraps (originally from The Fabric Store), ribbing from Wattlehill Fabrics and should pads from The Cloth Shop
Alterations:  3/8″ (1cm) forward shoulder adjustment
Outfit:  Jeans from Bassike and sneakers & sunglasses from Luisa
Photo Location: Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne


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